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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Face Tanning | St.Tropez Naturals

Quite recently St.Tropez launched a new line of tanning products called 'Naturals' aiming to be vegan and full of good ingredients for your skin. The face one especially promised not to block pores and bring out spots. This is exactly why I bought it, usually if I want tanned skin on my face (I am ghostly pale, even a few shades lighter than my body) I sacrifice my skin and almost can guarantee a breakout!
Compared to the previous St.Tropez this as you can see is a much thicker lotion and does have a much more natural scent although it is still very strong (a bad point to people who sensitive to headaches etc due to strong scents). It's recommended to be used 2-3 times a week, which is what I did and so far I am very pleased with it! I got natural glowing skin and it didn't seem to make my skin go crazy. I can't vouch for everyone because everyone has different skin so ultimately I would say if you think this is something you were looking for it's probably the best product out there to try first!
It's normally priced just under £20 but I found it in my local Savers (for anyone who lives near me) for only £9.99 which is amazing! The sales person couldn't even understand why they stocked in when I asked as it has only been released in Debenhams etc.
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  1. Ooo I love face tanners...even more so I am curious because it didn't break you out. I am going to google research this. Thx!

    1. definitely worth looking into if you love them! xoxo

  2. Love the St. Tropez line. Def have to try this!

    I just started a beauty review website, since your in the UK maybe we could do a small swap in the future :)