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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Products I've hit pan on!

If you're not familiar with the term "hitting pan" it basically just means that you've used enough
of the product to show the bottom of the pan (packaging).
It shows products that I really do love and use on a regular basis!

Wet n Wild Beauty Unblemished oil-free foundation, as you can see I've hit more than the bottom of this, it's finished! Loved it so much, perfect natural finish and a medium but buildable coverage. Probably not going to find this again though because I ordered it online from fragrancedirect and they never really stock the same products but if you see it, get it!

MUA shade 3 bronzer, perfect for contouring because its matte! Love it and only a £1!

NYX mosaic powder blush in 03 plummy, also a matte shade but i love the colour, not too mad but pretty on the skin.

Bobbypin eye palette, basically been using the top 3 neutral colours for a whole month, it's just so handy for early mornings before work.

Elf brow kit (I think this is ash the label has rubbed off) my everyday brow colour used it ever since I got it (months ago!) now I can't live without it, will definitely buy again once I'm finished!

Do you you guys love any of these products?

Thanks for reading! xoxo


  1. i love nyx products, i'll have to check out that blush!

  2. Nice post.. I recently bought some MUA products.. would love to get the bronzer too. Is it shimmery?
    Your 162nd follower here.

    ..and hey! I invite you to visit my blog.. do follow if u like it. I'd be real glad.

    1. no its completely matte!! so perfect for contouring!! thanks :) xxoxo