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Thursday, 12 March 2015

Grungy St Patrick's Day 2015 | Manson & Pat Always.

As always my random before bed creations normally end up on my blog. This one I feel reflects a lot of the main artist's who really do inspire me whatever medium they choose or how they portray their work.

Could you guess a bit of Marilyn Manson and Pat McGrath?

Definitely a signature manson lip, black and deep red, overlined with a slightly smudgy glossy feel. 

And the eyes just went wherever they went, messy with quite a graphic liner. Nothing copied from Pat's work (she is in my opinion one of the world's best makeup artist's - google her to be amazed) but still a look that you would maybe see in her designs.

I also added a bit of green and edited some green vibes and suddenly I was like this could be 2015's most modern/abstract St.Paddy's day makeup look! Ha I don't know how wearable it is for many of you guys, but hey smudge a bit of green glittery eyeshadow with a smokey eye if you want to stay away from face paint - will look extra cool!

Hope this inspires.

Thanks for reading.


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