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Friday, 14 September 2012

Nivea Effective Cleansing Gel | Can't Get enough of it!

A couple of months in and I've around 1/4 left. I bought this on a whim on a random shop in Superdrug, it was on sale for £1.99 and literally just sucked me in. I honestly expected it to break me out or not to like it and for it to take comfort unfortunately at the back of my cupboard like a lot of unwanted products.
But low and behold, I love this product, firstly I have to say it is only going to be suited to people who have combination to oily skin because it is an oil free gel cleanser which means it doesn't have any moisturising qualities. I only use this at night because I have a separate day time routine (not that you couldn't use it) and it leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean, the perfect feeling for going to bed. It hasn't broke me out and I can use it around my eyes to take my eye makeup off (it doesn't sting me). 
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  2. Oops didn't mean to delete previous comment, was just saying that I will have t give this product a go. At that price you can't go wrong! x

  3. Ohh that looks good. Thanks for sharing.

    Much love: If you fancy a follow or a nosey. xx

  4. The price is really good, I'm on the look our for new makeup removers and cleaners to try at the moment, might give this one a go! Xx